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Why our Center needs your support

The Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP) is a non-governmental, not for profit, charitable   social organisation.  We are only able to operate because of funds received from grants,   donations and contributions from our parents.
We use money from donors to subsidise the cost of children’s places at the Center.  When a child   is given a place, parents are asked to fill in a form that details their financial situation, and in   this way, CCP can assess what sort of contribution can be afforded.  However, we firmly believe   that a family’s ability to pay for therapy should never affect the quality and quantity of treatment   that is offered.  This remains one of the most important principles of our Center.
Very few parents whose children attend the Center are able to pay for treatment in full.  Every   month over 300 children attend CCP and over 100 of these are officially registered disabled.  A   large number of disabled children have only one parent to care for them, it is usually a mother   but occasionally, it is a father. These single parents are unable to work because of the heavy   burden of childcare that is required.  These families are forced to exist on small State pensions   and benefits.
For our part, we constantly look for opportunities to help these families and we appeal to the   authorities, funds, corporate organisations and private donors in order to raise the money needed   to cover the costs of therapies, if families cannot contribute.  Received funds are also spent on   teachers’ salaries, municipal payments for our building, which is owned by Moscow City   (Moscomimuschetvo), purchasing toys, developing games and other materials necessary   for successful therapy.
We would be delighted if you would like to sponsor a specific child or support any of our   Center’s programmes.  We can assure you that your donation will be used in the way that it was   intended, we are a transparent and trustworthy organisation and we will provide you with   progress reports and financial statements so you can see exactly how your money has been   spent.


If you are interested in volunteering at CCP, please contact our volunteer service coordinator
Nastya Sushko on:
Email:, Phone: +7(916)195-46-18, +7(916)073-84-28

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