In 1989 a group of teachers and parents set up Regional non-profit social organization “Center for Curative Pedagogics”  (CCP) in order to help children with different developmental problems.  At this time, Governmental agencies pronounced this group of children ‘unteachable’.  The result of this was that most of these children were placed in special children’s homes where they had no opportunity to have an education, interact with their peers or find employment.  A much smaller number of children were kept at home with their families, but were often completely isolated.

The CCP specialists, led by the speech therapist Anna Bitova, believe that all children deserve the right to be educated, to grow and develop.  The Centre caters for children with autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, genetic syndromes, mental and physical disabilities, as well as learning difficulties and other issues.

Since 1989, CCP has helped over 15,000 families and in doing so, has given this very large number of children a unique opportunity to learn, develop and live a good and decent life.

Our Mission:

To demand the right for people with disabilities to be educated, rehabilitated and to live a full and productive life in which they are fully accepted within their communities.

Our Goals:

To provide medical and educational assistance to children and young people with disabilities, also to support their families.

To vigorously interact with the professional community in order to share and disseminate our accumulated knowledge, based on over 25 years of the Curative Pedagogic experience.

To promote the establishment of a State assisted system for families, that will support and promote the social integration of youngsters with special needs.

The Centre for Curative Pedagogics is a regional public charity licensed to conduct educational and medical activities.  In 1997 the Centre was granted Charity Certificate No.1 by the Moscow Government’s Charity Council.  At CCP, children and their families are assisted by over 70 qualified professionals:  teachers, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, doctors, music and art therapists.


Report on the activity. 2015


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