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How to contact us

RNSO “Center for Curative Pedagogics”

Address: 119311, Russia, Moscow, Stroiteley str. 17B
Tel./fax: +7 (499) 131 06 83, +7 (499) 138 06 16, +7 (495) 646 50 66
How to get by underground (subway)

Metro station „University“ (sounds like „Universitet“ in Russian), exit in the center of the station hall Turn right, go along Vernadskiy prospect („Проспект Вернадского“) to the crossroads with Stroiteley str. („Улица Строителей“), turn to the left and go along the right side of Stroiteley str. to the end of the first building, then turn right. On the left side of the passage you will see a brick two-storey building surrounded with a green fence.
How to get by car

Drive from the city center by Vernadskiy or Leninskiy prospect, then turn to Stroiteley street.

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