Integrative Summer Camp

Dear friends,

CCP has been holding its integrative summer camp for over 15 years now, and every year its results convince us that taking children out of the city and placing them in a loving, integrated environment is invaluable for their development. Integration means immersion in a supportive community with parents and other adults, with children with special needs and normally achieving children, enabling children to develop their social skills and feel comfortable in society. This unique environment, providing such a contrast to the children’s normal city lives, combined with the beautiful nature of Valdai, year after year causes children to make huge leaps in their development.

We have summarised the experiences of our 2105 Summer Camp in Valdai.  Our report contains feedback and impressions from parents and many wonderful photographs.  We hope that all those who attended the camp are able to keep a little bit of the Valdai experience in their hearts!

Please read more about the eventful CCP Summer Camp via the link below.

Summer Camp 2015

Thank you very much to all who supported the 2015 Integrative Summer Camp either by funding, volunteering or attending!


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