Programmes for children

The Centre for Curative Pedagogics specialises in providing crucial intervention programmes for children who have a wide range of disabilities and difficulties.

Families can make their first appointment either by telephone, or online.  During the first visit a range of specialists (teachers, psychologists, physicians, therapists) meet the child and his/her family in order to gain a detailed picture of the history and development, and make decisions about what assistance can be offered.

Within these programmes, groups of experts focus upon providing an individually-tailored intervention plan for each child.  The programme begins with one-to-one sessions and then when the child is ready, moves on to group activities.  This particular approach is an essential part of the process, as children with severe issues often find it very hard to adjust to new surroundings and to trust new people.  In this way, the child can gradually get used to and connect with one adult, and also The Centre itself.

The initial orientation stage is followed by more specific teaching sessions.  An important objective is to develop communication skills so that the child can interact with carers and also, other children.  To this end, the individual sessions are gradually replaced by micro-groups, where two or three children play in the same room with teachers that they know and trust.  Later on, when the children have become comfortable interacting within these small groups, they are introduced to larger groups with 8-10 other students.  They play team games and take part in musical, sporting, artistic and educational activities.  Emphasis is also placed on the development of independent living skills.

The teachers and specialists closely supervise and monitor the progress and development of each child in their care. Regular meetings are held in order to assess results and if necessary, to make adjustments to a child’s individual programme.

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