The closing ceremony of the “Special art” exhibition


Yesterday there was the closing ceremony of the “Special art” exhibition. The paintings by Zhenya Alekseeva the girl with the cri du chat syndrome that she created ten years ago, were presented at the ceremony.

Zhenya was obsessed with painting for one year, then her interest to painting faded. Most probably, this happened because she did not feel well, she started to have problems with her spine. Luckily, Zhenya’s health issues were resolved after the expensive operation in one of the clinics in Germany she became stronger and gradually recovered. The ceremony took place in the luxurious restaurant “the 45th parallel”, where Zhenya’s friends, tutors and volunteers of the Curing Pedagogy Center, the families of the children attending the Centre, artlovers and our Facebook friends all came together. Thanks to the support of the “Together for children”fund and to all the guests at the ceremony we were able to raise 100 500 rubles. This will be used to organise the tuition at the Curing Pedagogy Center for Zhenya and her peers young adults with developmental disturbances.