Winter Fair of the Center for Curative Pedagogics 2018

For the first time our traditional Winter Fair took place at the new site in Konkovo. Over 600 guests visited the Fair. We asked participants and guests about their impressions.    

Julia Akhtiamova, Ursula bracelets: “I work in CCP and I have a little hobby – I make bracelets from Liberty cotton and natural stones. And I am selling them here. I was very afraid that no one would get to Konkovo because it was a new place and far away. But to my mind the Fair was a success and a lot of people came and my bracelets are being sold great!   
At the CCP Fair friends meet and enjoy each other, hug and communicate. And everyone is involved in charity – both those who sell and those who buy”. 

Elena Sandler, visitor: “We are not for the first time at the CCP Fair. Little Polina likes workshops, and together with elder Liza we always buy jewellery. And souvenirs for the New year to our relatives as well. I wish CCP to settle in a new place. CCP will warm these walls with its warmth, they can really do it. And we will come to visit their new home. And I would like to say a few words about parents of our children. They are real optimists; they have so much strength and energy. I wish them health, happiness and all the very best, because they are heroes”.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank for fortune cookies, Coffee Piu café that participated in the Fair for the first time and Dasha’s pies supporting us for the fifth year!     

The Fair ended with a wonderful concert of the jazz band Moonberry Jam! Our band performed for the first time at a new place in Konkovo. “I could not even imagine that we would have our own hall, and now it is our reality, – said jazz band director Alexander Wodinsky. – We have a lot of plans: to arrange festivals, to invite other bands. Thanks to all our fans who love us, who come to the concerts. I am grateful to all the people who are in tune with our project”. In a huge hall of the new CCP building freely accommodated the audience, moreover we managed to arrange a dance floor in front of the stage, where children and adults enthusiastically danced to the stirring melodies of Moonberry Jam.
Thanks to all the firends!!!