Moonberry Jam’s first music video has been released!


Center for Curative Pedagogics wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As a Christmas gift, we would like to present you a new and absolutely adorable music video of Moonberry Jam, our favorite Jazz-band!

As the team members say:

“Two years ago, several graduates and employees of Center for Curative Pedagogics jointed together to play jazz. Today, thanks to Komnata 528 team from “Podderjka” project, we proudly present you our first music video.

“If someone loves music, despite all obstacles, it is possible to help him to express it. I like it when people achieve their goals, to testify how they find their way.  It is a true incomparable pleasure to communicate with others through music – says Alexandre Vodinsky, Moonberry Jam team leader.

We dedicate our first music video to Center for Curative Pedagogics, where children with special needs and their families are given help to live their life to the fullest. Many of them need art-therapy. Support us by fundraising for a one year course of art-therapy for 50 kids on