Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year

to you and your family!

Good friends are hard to find – that’s why we are so happy to have you among

the friends of Center for Curative Pedagogics.

Thank you for all the support and cooperation!

Let all your plans come true in 2017!


With your support during 10 months of 2016:

  • over 900 special-needs kids received rehabilitation sessions at 6 CCP branches

  • 478 kids received free primary consultations 

  • over 200 parents took part in CCP psychological support schemes

  • 175 young people with mental disorders took part in CCP programmes

  • 708 children and adults visited CCP summer integrative camp in Valday

  • 4147 specialists, students, volunteers took part in CCP training programmes

  • 410 consultations were given by CCP legal team

  • 60 legal amendments in the disability field were developed and lobbied

  • 214000 persons used CCP-run portal “Special childhood