The bill concerning the “shared care” was adopted in first reading!


The legislation bill concerning the “shared care” , which was lacking to be able to organise normal lives for children and adults with special needs,
was adopted by the State Parliament of Russian Federation in first reading!
The lawyers of the Curing Pedagogy Center Legal Group actively participated in the drawing up of this draft law.
Lyudmila Kononova, the member of the Russian Federation Council,declares that the current practice is such that the administration of
the asylums for people with special needs combines the functions of legal guardians and social workers. This combination of the client and the
executor in one, in reality brings up the conflict of interests when carrying out the carer’s duties. It also contradicts the requisition of the 12th Chapter of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.
There are several propositions made in the bill that will bring changes to the current situation. One of them is to broaden the model of work for
carers and trustees, particularly, the possibility to carry out the duties of the carer and the trustee jointly by several physical or legal entities is
introduced. The list of entities, eligible to become carers or trustees is also broadened: charitable and nonprofit organisations that specialise on
working with people with special needs are added to the list.